Top International Travel Destinations To Visit This Summer

Top International Travel Destinations To Visit This Summer

There are many exotic vacation destinations overseas, Provence is a specific area or region that is in the lower southeastern part of France. This region is opposite to Italy which is situated at the bottom of France. The name was given to it from the Romans who invaded it in the 2nd century B. C and this region has one of the earliest signs prehistoric living in this region of Europe. Provence France has beautiful scenery and is mostly seen with low leafy scrubland. The climate of this region is moderate with hot summers and mild winters, there is very little snow that falls in this area. This climate has also been accustomed to droughts from time to time. So what the top summer destinations in Provence, France? Take a look at its top 3 tourist destinations

Marais du Vigueirat

This is situated in the Camargue and is a 1000 hectare protected area which is home to over 350 grass eating animals which serve as lawn mowers on this area. This area is also home to 280 species of birds, with an overall total of 2000 plant and animal life included.

Inspirational Countryside

A number of wonderful artists and writers were from Provence, such as Paul Cezanne and Alphonse Daudet. Others simply found inspiration here, from Van Gogh to Renoir and Edith Wharton to F. Scott Fitzgerald. Nowadays, it is possible to visit the places depicted in many famous paintings, such as St. Tropez and Nice, or even pay homage to the homes and studios of artists that worked in Provence.

Older dated villages

Some of the attractions that you can visit is some of the older dated villages and cities that have been dated back to more than 2000 years. There are many different paintings that have depicted Provence as a peaceful and warm place to visit which were painted by many famous painters of the older years. When visiting this region of France there are many different places that can be seen.

So when it comes to a holiday that is different from all the rest, then why not look towards France to the region of Provence. Provence France is one of the more beautiful parts of France that can be seen when traveling to this region. Renting a private villa like the ones found at Only Provence will enhance your stay and experience. There are many more attractions that can been seen including ongoing mountain ranges, rivers, landscapes, as well as villages, churches and historic landmarks. This part of France can be visited at any time of the year without it looking less beautiful.

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