Insanely Delicious Potato Recipes To Make Every Day Of The Week

Insanely Delicious Potato Recipes To Make Every Day Of The Week

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that potatoes are boring, flavorless fillers. If you’re tired of mashed spuds and are reluctant to fry them, don’t despair. There are tons of delicious ways you can enjoy all of the filling, nutritious goodness of potatoes.


Potato chips don’t just come in a bag. As long as you don’t mind cutting potatoes into very thin slices, you can make them at home with a minimum of fuss. Not only are they particularly delicious when served hot and fresh but also you can be even more creative and make the perfect dip. Will you ever go back to the store-bought version? You probably will once in a while just for the sheer convenience, but it’s a sure bet that the home-made variety will always be at the top of your favorites list.


Potatoes lend themselves to virtually any mixed dish you would care to make. Perhaps you’re in the mood for a cheesy blend with broccoli, vegetables and chicken; maybe you would prefer a breakfast concoction that combines spuds with eggs, bacon or sausage and a gooey helping of cheese. The great thing about potatoes is that they add a wholesome flavor to any dish you make. During the cold winter months, they stick to your ribs and fill you up in a way that’s better than almost any other food.


Whether you serve them cold or hot, potato salads are an excellent choice that can function either as a side dish or main entrée. Serve a vinegary German version with your bratwurst, or add red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard and wine for a unique Italian take on an old favorite.


Potatoes can transform just about anything you put in the slow cooker into a rich feast. After simmering away for hours, they become soft and virtually melt in your mouth as they release all of the flavors of every meat, vegetable and seasoning that’s in the pot. If you haven’t pulled out your crock pot in years, why not buy the few ingredients it takes to make a crockpot loaded potato soup that will be hot and ready when you get home tomorrow evening?

Sure, baking, mashing and frying potatoes are great ways to eat these endlessly versatile vegetables that are the tuber of the potato plant. However, they are just the start. Considering that there are over 4,000 varieties to try, you can enjoy spuds in an endless number of ways. There is no time like the present to start!

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