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Month: September 2019

Flexible Organization on Track

Flexible Organization on Track

What do you want your curtains to look like? With both straight and flexible design options, the Flex Track will not only keep your curtains neat and organized while staying on track, but you can custom design the space to fit your home’s decor needs. If you want a conventional design, or if you want to custom design your window treatments into a specific shape or directional pattern, you can choose to do so with the Flex Track. 

Organization on Track

Flexibility without having to worry about your curtains falling to the ground or getting jumbled up in a corner, is that possible? With the right curtain and track system it is. Not only will the track help keep your curtains from jumbling up, but also keep them from falling to the ground off the traditional rod or line that you had them hanging on. You can choose from a manual or electrical system as well. So, if you want to have the option to open and close your curtains on command, without having to get up to open and shut them yourself, the Flex Track is going to offer this great feature to you in your home as well. 

Track for any Space

Not every home or space is the same. With wall and window mounted tracks, dual tracks, single track lines, curved, and straight tracks, you can find the most flexible finish, that fits any space in your home. If you have a tight corner that’s tough to turn the edges, a curved track design might fit that space perfectly. Or, if you want something that stays in line and moves back and forth in a straight line, a ceiling mounted, double track system, might be the best option for you to install for your window treatments. 

Although it doesn’t seem like a big decision, it’s not until you see how jumbled and cluttered your curtains look in photos, and how messy your home looks when the curtains aren’t in line that you realize you need an easy system to keep them in place. With the Flex Track, you have just that at your fingertips. With kits, easy to use mounts, and various styles of wall and ceiling mounted systems, there is something for every home, for every style and decor, and you’ll find a great system online to easily keep your window treatments in place, and your … Read the rest