DIY Roofing Services And Installation

DIY roof services

If you decide to do a DIY roofing services job you will save a lot of money. A professional roofing company is very expensive and the majority of cost is in the labor. Therefore, if you consider yourself a handyman and have a few basic carpentry skills then you should be able to do an adequate roofing job on your own. This article will provide you with a few important tips on how to prepare and do your own roofing job.

Before you begin installing your new roof you will have to prepare your home and yard for all of the debris that is about to occur. This will be especially true for homeowners who have to remove an old, shingled roof. You can purchase orange colored plastic construction fencing to place entirely around your home to prevent injuries to pets and children. Also, take note of any dangerous areas when working such as power lines, tree branches, and unsafe roof access areas.

Inside your home remove all loose items from walls and shelves such as pictures and ornaments. If you have any plants or shrubs you should use tarps to cover them. Move all vehicles, riding lawnmowers, and other such items a safe distance away from the construction area. Cover any swimming pools, hot tubs or any other sensitive items that you may have around the home. This will prevent damage from falling roof debris.

The first thing that you will do after preparing the area is to remove the old, weathered shingles from the roof. This will allow you to repair any deck problems after the old shingles are removed. Some issues to look for include cracked boards, rotten wood, or insect infestations. There are many excellent how-to-videos that you can watch to help you know exactly what to do.

Many homeowners install roof deck protection and leak barrier protection before installing the new shingles. This will provide your roof deck with a good foundation for your new shingles. At this point of the article it is important to understand the differences between roofing shingles. You can purchase cheap roofing shingles that will last from 10 to 15 years or you can purchase premier roofing shingles that can last 25 years or more.

One of the most important tasks on any new roof is to properly begin with starter strip shingles. More and more roof problems are a result of improperly installing a set of starter shingles. The starter shingle is extremely important to help against wind resistance. They are your first line of defense against a strong wind lifting up the edge of your roof. Once again, you can watch a video on how to do this properly. The final tip for you to remember is to do proper shingle nailing. When you hammer the nails improperly it can result in future problems to your roof such as premature shingle failure, blistering, and blow-offs. The nail location, type, length, angle, and force of application are all essential to properly installing shingles. Otherwise, enjoy the satisfaction of doing a DIY roofing services job.