AnthonyGrimHello there ,and welcome to AGAST, – Alliance of Grandparents a Support in Tragedy. My name is Anthony Grim. I’ve started this website six years ago, when on my way to Virginia, on a local train I’ve met Suzie Highwell. After listening to her story for about two hours, – I was certain that in one way or another, I have to help her, and people with the same kind issues.

Long story short, – she didn’t have a lot of family, and after her sister lost her battle to breast cancer, she was completely alone on this planet we call Earth.

I mean, it may not sound as a big problem to you, if you have big family, and bunch of friends who support you on a daily basis, – but when you are all alone, – and there’s literally no one you can call, or ask for help, – it becomes a real problem. Especially for the elderly.

We were about to arrive to Virginia, when I realized I will start an online community of people, who are lonely, yet healthy and active. People like that can participate in our AGAST program, and find someone in need of a company in their area.

We are non-profit organization, so if you like this idea, but have no time to participate as a sponsor, – please use our contact form and get in touch, – or call us, – we’ll discuss each and every possibility of how you could help our organization.

No one on this planet should feel lonely. And you never know what can happen tomorrow. Be there for someone, and someone will be there for you. Thank you for visiting. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to receive the newest information first.